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  • Over 21,000 Dentists listed
  • Perfect for market analysis
  • Fields include related dental practice, designation, and more!
  • Updated continuously throughout the year
  • Slice and dice the data easily within our online portal
  • Download and import into any CRM environment
  • Add notes and print labels right from our dashboard
  • Turnkey market surveys available
  • Includes discounts on premium online lead conversion services


Finding an accurate, complete and up-to-date list of dentists in Toronto can be an insurmountable challenge- unless you have Scott’s premium database of Canadian Dentists.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance the information you get will be outdated, incomplete and unreliable.

Premium Dental directories are designed to provide accurate listings of dentists practicing in a specific region, allowing you to run an accurate dentist search of Ontario. Whether you are looking for a list for sales and marketing, for contacting potential new clients or for doing research and survey work, a premium database like Scott’s premium database of Canadian Dentists, is an essential resource.

Directories and datasets are commonly used across several industries, including finance, academia, government, wholesalers, manufacturing, insurance, recruitment, and many more. For example, you may use a directory database in a recruitment agency to search for potential clients- or destinations for those candidates you represent. As an insurance broker, you may use a directory to contact companies seeking to sell group insurance packages or to offer corporate wellness solutions. Professors and universities purchase directories to use as part of their database of dentists to contact for research purposes and to gain valuable insight into the dental profession for students.

Working with accurate and up to date content will save you time and money. First off, it prevents you from having to aggregate, gather or create the dataset yourself. Secondly, it eliminates the need to cross-reference and verify your information on a continual basis. Premium data providers like Scott’s do the work for you, allowing you to spend time selling!

As a highly organized and systematized list, our database of Canadian dentists is easy to navigate and to cross-reference and compare listings. Plus, once you have the directory, all of the information is in one place and it is always there when you need it – you don’t have to create your own filing system to keep track of potential client contact information, lead generation lists, or addresses.

The ease of the internet and amount of information available online for free makes many people skeptical about paying for a directory. However, with the incredible amount of accurate and up-to-date information it contains, and the convenience of having all your information in one secure and up-to-date location, a premium dentist directory is the ideal solution for your business needs.

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